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LED-UK can help your commercial property to switch to LED Lighting

Save up to 71% on your energy bill, reduce your carbon emissions and get a fast return of investment by upgrading your lighting system to LED. We also offer a "FREE" Survey of your premises. Visit our website to book, 

We help design, supply and install a bespoke LED Lighting System tailored to your business. Our expert team will ensure that your commercial property matches the heart of your business, whether you’re a car showroom wanting to be the brightest building on the block or a retail store wanting to stand out from the crowd. We’ve seen a huge increase in offices switching to LED Lighting over the last few years. A typical office would see a cost reduction of up to 71%, not to mention a significant drop in maintenance costs with most LED lights lasting up to 50,000 hours. Incandescent lights typically last around 2 years.

Another key reason offices have been changing is the influence they’ve had on productivity. Poor lighting creates headaches, eye-strain and, in turn, causes a major distraction. With LED, the office will embody a natural light, due to its occupancy and light level sensors, creating a healthier and more efficient workplace.

LED-UK AND ECOLIGHT UV-C Disinfection SYSTEMS "Leading the fight against Covid-19"

LED-UK Lighting Ltd is the official UK partner of EcoLight LED, a leading innovative manufacturer of advanced UV-C LED products for commercial use.  The current climate has led to an increased need for the safe sterilisation of premises and equipment in the manufacturing, distribution, retail, office, institutional, education and general care sectors that was previously only required by medical institutions.

When a situation arises where a new product comes to the market, many people start to try to produce products to capture a market. However, there a multitude of cheap lights exist that simply can not and do not do what they say.  There also seems to be little concern about safety and proper use.

LED-UK and EcoLight LED work to ensure maximum safety and efficiency whilst ensuring the safety of our customers. We have a number of downloadable  information sheets on the website, with more to come.

The process described on our website is responsible for the elimination and neutralization of 99.99% of microorganisms, including pathogenic pathogens, with appropriate exposure to UV-C radiation.

The amount of UV-C radiation on a given surface ensuring effective disinfection is strictly defined. The effective radiation dose expressed in millijoules (mJ) per square centimeter (cm2) of the surface is 50 mJ / cm2.

All our UV-C equipment is fitted with human movement detectors and safety sensors.

Should you want to consider the installation of an effective UV-C disinfection system in your working environment we will carry out a survey to calculate the correct level, wattages and time needed to successfully disinfect your workplace.

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We will offer a "FREE" site survey of your premises and include a Energy Savings Report. This will show you the savings obtained from upgrading your existing lights to LED Lighting.
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