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THRIVE TO SURVIVE The chaos that is Brexit. Sourcing from, selling to, collaborating with Europe. The Pound, material & production costs, making a decent profit. Workforce recruitment, training & retention. Apprenticeships & the Apprenticeship Levy. Technology, Manufacturing 4.0 & the need to invest. And that's ignoring the question of where you'll find the time, the budget, the resources, the inspiration, and come up with a Plan, to steer your business towards a secure, brighter future! If you're an MD feeling like it's an uphill struggle to survive at the moment, let alone prosper, you may feel like getting in touch us. We are a specialist advisory firm to MDs in the SME sector across the south of England. We offer them a special blend of strategic advice and practical help that will see their business achieve strong, sustainable and profitable growth - even in these uncertain economic times. Our work is centred around the development of a wholly individual Business Growth Plan, with between 3 and 12 mths support in its implementation, and including a 1:1 business success coaching strand as appropriate. It's not our style to tell any MD how to run his or her business. We talk and listen before we offer suggestion, advice & guidance. Importantly, we marry the science of data-driven management with a wealth of priceless business nous. That’s how we can be confident enough to guarantee the results of us working together! While we have a particular way of working, we are happy to work on a limited project basis if that's the best way forward. And as well as keeping the cost affordable, we can offer flexible payment terms and even payment-on-results! And the Member to Member Offer? Well, the least we can do is make it worth your while. So here it is: Call or email me for a brief conversation or simply request a free, informal and no-commitment 20-30 minutes face-to-face chat about where you are with your business right now, where you want or need to to get to, and how we might help you do it. If at the end of our sit-down you decide you want us to be working together, then I will offer you the choice of: A} a 15% reduction in fees on a 6-month, pay-monthly basis B} a 50% reduction in fees on normal payment terms C} Ł750 down and the balance on a deferred, payment-on-results basis

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