Accreditation Is at the Heart of the Chamber of Commerce Network

How does the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) Accreditation work?


On a bi-annual basis Chambers are assessed by an independent third party against a set of criteria designed specifically for the Chamber network. The criteria address three areas across Chamber businesses:




This covers the legal arrangements and procedures used to manage the Chamber.




A measure of how well Chambers manage their finances, information and budgets as well as human and other resources.




This refers to the 'product offer' Chambers provide to businesses either directly or indirectly. Services evaluated include international trade and the processing of trade documentation, networking and events, representation and lobbying, and the provision of other business support products and services to members.


What are the benefits of accreditation?


Accreditation defines the quality standards that accredited Chambers of Commerce operate under, whilst helping to identify and promote good practice. The BCC accreditation standards provide assurance of the high quality and range of services offered to businesses, which differentiates accredited Chambers from other business membership organisations who do not provide the same level of business support. The BCC's accreditation system has been used recently for the accreditation of British Chambers overseas.


Can my organisation apply to become an accredited Chamber of Commerce?


The BCC network is comprised of 53 accredited Chambers which provide a high level of business support across the UK. In all cases, organisations wishing to become an accredited Chamber should speak to their local accredited Chamber first. The BCC will not consider any organisation for accreditation without express consent from their local accredited Chamber - this is to ensure that all regions are represented by a single accredited Chamber and members have a clear path to business support. Smaller membership organisations and town Chambers should contact their local accredited Chamber of Commerce to discuss the possibility of affiliation.


How can I apply to register an organisation name containing "Chamber"?


Any business wishing to register in the UK using "Chamber" in its name will need written permission from the British Chambers of Commerce.