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Business Support in Sussex

Sussex Chamber of Commerce offers a range of services to help your business. We are a not for profit organisation, any profits made are driven back into making Sussex a more prosperous place in which to do business. We offer free business networking events, we lobby for policies which make your business life easier and against those which make it harder. We offer discounted training, HR and international trade services.

Put simply we are here to support your business in any way we can, and are always delighted to hear from the business community on any way that we can help them.

Business Navigator

The Coast to Capital Business Navigator Service is totally focused on helping business in the Coast to Capital area start up, develop and grow. It exists to help grow the economy in the Coast to Capital area to create jobs and prosperity. Coast to Capital covers East Surrey, Croydon, West Sussex and the Greater Brighton area.

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Chamber Business Health Plan

As part of your existing Chamber membership you have access to two valuable services from AXA PPP healthcare at no additional cost.

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Chamber Credit Insurance

Chamber credit Insurance safeguards your business against the failure of a customer to pay their trade credit debits.

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Offering our members easy access to essential support for employment law and Human Resource (HR) issues. The service is a national scheme and only available to accredited chamber members and delivere by QDOS Consulting.

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Chamber Legal

As a member of Sussex Chamber of Commerce you are covered by a Legal Expenses Insurance to protect you from unexpected legal fees and financial penalties.

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Chamber Health And Safety

Chamber Health and Safety offers members access to the information and guidance required to help them manage their health and safety (HS) requirements.

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Chamber Roadside Assistance

As a Sussex Chamber of Commerce member you can take advantage of preferential rates to support all your business vehicles.

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Chamber Social Media

As A Chamber Member You’ll Have Access To Our Chamber Social Media Channels.

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Grants And Funding

Looking to grow your business? There are a number of sources available for you to access funding to accelerate business growth.

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