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In an ideal world, we’d all be ‘well beings’. Unfortunately, the pressures of work and life mean we’re not always able to achieve this. In the real world, it’s often difficult to determine who is a well being and who isn’t. Someone may look like they’re coping really well, but the reality could be far different.


That’s why Westfield Health have extended their offering from health cash plans and surgery choices to provide a more holistic approach, taking care of employees in both body and mind.


Here are just some of the ways Westfield Health can help you to take care of your most important asset, your staff:


Health Cash Plan

Exclusively available to BCC accredited and affiliated member organisations of all sizes, the Chamber Primary Health Plan starts from just £5.57 per employee, per month and allows staff to claim money back, up to set limits, for things like sight tests and glasses, dental bills, therapy treatments and consultations. The plan also provides access to health and wellbeing services including:


  • DoctorLine™ service providing policyholders with confidential telephone access to a practising UK GP, 24 hours a day – every day, from anywhere in the world, with optional webcam consultations
  • Best Doctors® - expert second medical opinion service
  • Scanning Service - MRI, CT and PET scans
  • 24hr Advice and Information Line and up to 6 face to face counselling sessions (including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – CBT) You can view the full benefit table and pricing here.


Surgery Choices

Surgery Choices makes private surgery and medical treatment more affordable and accessible so staff can be treated quicker and back in the workplace sooner. Employees will have access to prompt private medical treatment for a whole range of conditions (excluding heart and cancer). With immediate cover for new conditions and fast access to fixed price private treatment packages, cover starts from just £5.83 per employee, per month. There’s one price for all (prices aren’t age related) and premiums won’t increase with claims.


Health Calendar or The Wellbeing Plan online resource centre

Choose between two ready-made annual wellbeing engagement programmes depending on whether you prefer an online or an offline solution. Both provide targeted promotions to engage your staff in improving their health and wellbeing. Your Chamber membership gives you access to a 25% discount on the standard pricing for the Health Calendar or The Wellbeing Plan online resource centre and prices start from just £412.50 + VAT for businesses with up to 10 employees.


Health Calendar 

  • With 24 topics to choose from, you choose the 12 topics that best meet the needs of your organisation for your annual health calendar
  • Each month you’ll receive a communication pack which includes campaign announcement text and weekly promotional top-tip messages to keep the campaign alive – all you have to do is send out the communications
  • Your monthly communication pack will include three fact sheets, a poster and a support leaflet signposting your people to national support agencies associated with the topic


The Wellbeing Plan online resource centre

  • Select your programme from the 16 topics available. Each has a video, podcast, factsheets and personal training plan
  • Each month we’ll send you text to announce the topic of the month, along with weekly top-tip messages to keep the campaign alive and drive engagement with the website
  • You’ll have access to a real-time dashboard providing engagement statistics
  • You can use the website as a resource to support the delivery of your other health and wellbeing initiatives throughout the year
  • Employees have unlimited access to the website, accessible from work or home


Westfield Health’s wider health and wellbeing programme includes:

  • Health and lifestyle screening days
  • Wellbeing Workshops
  • Dial up seminars (webinars)
  • Lifestyle coaching days
  • Mental Health First Aid Training Courses….and more.


Find out more:


Telephone: 0345 602 1629




Watch our recent webinar and access our wellbeing resources

In case you missed our recent webinar ‘5 tips to support your employees’ mental health and spot the signs of presenteeism’ you can watch it here.

Useful resources to support your members’ wellbeing 

Here are some useful resources to help support the wellbeing of your people:


5 tips to support mental health
This quick one-page factsheet from our recent webinar gives your members five key tips to proactively manage the wellbeing of their people and some mental health red flags to look out for.
Download now


Mental Health First Aid
MHFA training encourages people to talk more freely about mental health, promoting early intervention which enables recovery, reduces stigma and creates a positive culture.
Learn about our certified training


Free mini webinars
We’ve recorded a series of webinars on a range of topics to support the wellbeing of your members and their people. These include Healthy Eating, Optimising Sleep and Working From Home. 
Watch webinars


Free virtual workouts
High Five bring you fitness classes straight to your home through free, on-demand videos. Workouts include tabata, abs, strength, HIIT, core and mobility to help you stay active. 
Access now

We have also continued the extension of our Health Cash Plan claim rule from 13 weeks to 26 weeks from the date on which each payment for treatment, goods or services was made. This is to support policyholders who are facing difficulty submitting claims due to current restrictions. For any benefit used up to 30/06/21, a policyholder has 26 weeks from the date the benefit was used to claim.


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