Producing pumps that are sealless and so safe and kind to the environment

HMD Kontro

Producing pumps that are sealless and so safe and kind to the environment


Revolutionising process workflow


HMD Kontro develops and manufactures sealless, magnetic drive, pumps suitable for use in many industrial processes from our factory in Eastbourne, East Sussex. We have a comprehensive range of completely sealless pumps, which are designed to operate in the most rigorous climates for a variety of applications. The pumps are particularly suitable for processes involving high temperatures, high viscosity, high value, high pressures and volatile substances.


Sealless pumps have a wide range of operational benefits:


  • No risk of emissions or leaks
  • Increased safety for employees
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Minimal spare parts inventory
  • Reduced operating budget
  • Maximised reliability and uptime

The technology behind sealless pumps, developed by the company over seventy years ago, ensures that they are easier to maintain with fewer working parts and no potential leak paths. The whole life cost is significantly lower than that of a traditional and more complex mechanical sealed pump.


Why choose a sealless pump?


  • Lower installation, project, operating, commissioning and maintenance costs
  • Safer as self-contained – the product or liquid is completely enclosed
  • Easier operation - reduced maintenance and skilled staff costs
  • Simple specification, installation and commissioning
  • Comply with relevant international standards: API, ASME, ANSI and ISO
  • Save significant time and money throughout their life


Sealless pumps are particularly suited for industries that involve the movement of hazardous, toxic, fine, corrosive and/or aggressive liquids, and deliver consistent performance for your applications. All are designed to meet stringent industrial regulations including DIN and ATEX.




Leaders in development and innovation


With no potential for leaks or emissions, sealless pumps from HMD Kontro are the perfect choice for industrial and chemical plus oil and gas processes, combining cutting edge technology with over seventy years of expertise and experience.


Offering the best solution for operators and the environment


Magnetic drive sealless pumps offer significant technical, commercial and safety benefits over more traditional sealed pump solutions. With fewer breakdowns, negligible maintenance and less risk to the environment, perhaps industrial and chemical companies should be asked to justify why they are not using magnetic drive seallesspumps?


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