When business thrives, people and communities thrive too.

Businesses are looking to Government to take swift and tangible steps to inject momentum and confidence into the UK economy. Unless decisive action is taken, we believe the UK economy will remain locked onto a low-growth trajectory. Firms want to see concrete and deliverable plans to tackle barriers to growth here at home, boosting the UK’s global reputation as the place to invest and trade. But most importantly, they want government to go all out to avoid a messy and disorderly Brexit, which would bring pain and disruption to communities and businesses across the UK. When business thrives, people and communities thrive too.


The leading business organisation sets out proposals that would make a tangible difference to businesses of all sectors and sizes in the current climate of uncertainty and change.


The Sussex Chamber is one of 53 Accredited Chambers in the UK.


The British Chamber network, which represents 75,000 firms of all sizes and sectors, employing 6 million people has presented the following proposals to Government.



  • Avoid a messy and disorderly Brexit
  • Step up government planning and enable businesses to plan for all scenarios
  • Automatic registration for key trade simplifications- CHAMBER WIN
  • Ensure continuity of trading conditions with third countries,
  • Clarify intentions on the UK Shared Prosperity Fund



  • A one-year moratorium on all policy measures that increase business costs
  • Ensure all businesses benefit from rates holidays on new property builds and improvements
  • Launch a root and brand review of current business rates system  



  • Protect funding for education and training
  • Reform apprenticeship funding and standards
  • Deliver a light-touch, streamlined immigration system that works for business



  • Reaffirm commitment to major projects
  • Commit to a clear UK energy strategy
  • Back industry proposals to eliminate mobile not spots
  • Funding to clear backlog of local road improvements


Should you wish to raise any business concerns to the Sussex Chamber, email: