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Your Opinion Matters!


Your Opinion Matters!


 Overcoming Barriers to Public Relations Adoption in Small Businesses



In the fast-paced world of business, establishing a strong presence and maintaining a positive reputation is crucial for success. Public relations (PR) plays a key role in shaping how a business is perceived by its target audience and the wider community. However, many small businesses have yet to tap into the power of PR strategies and services.


At Parm PR, I am committed to understanding the challenges that small businesses face in adopting PR practices. Through a short survey, I aim to explore the main reasons why PR remains under-utilised by small businesses and identify the common barriers that hinder engagement with PR initiatives.


Your insights are invaluable in shedding light on the factors that prevent small businesses from leveraging PR to enhance their visibility and reputation. By participating in this survey, you can help uncover the root causes behind the hesitance to embrace PR opportunities and pave the way for more informed strategies and services in the future.


To participate in the survey, simply select the reasons that apply to your business from the options provided. It won’t take more than two minutes of your time and your contribution will not only assist in gaining a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by small businesses but also provide valuable insights that can benefit the broader business community.


Join the survey here and let me know why PR isn’t on your radar or visit  to learn how PR can support your brand awareness.