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Unique Networking Strategies to Land New Clients


In light of the coronavirus pandemic, landing new clients is more imperative than ever before.


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However, depending on the industry you work in, the budget you have available and a wide variety of other mitigating factors, landing more clients can often be a lot easier said than done.


One of the best ways to do this comes through the tried and tested method of business networking – interacting and exchanging information between interested parties with a mutual benefit in mind.


Whether it be at a conference, an exhibit or a careers day, business networking is all about getting your name out there, creating potential leads and forming new relationships with both customers and existing businesses alike.


But, while this may sound great in principle – in reality – networking in this old-fashioned sense can be seen as a little dry. People want to get excited and feel passionate about the brands they choose to invest their time and money in, so it’s up to you to wow them.


With this in mind, join us as we run through some of the more unique networking strategies available to not only bring in more leads but help cement them as conversions as well.


Suggest a round of golf


5 Reasons Why Golf Is Such An Effective Networking Tool


Golf has long had a synonymous connection with the world of business, so why not use this to your advantage?


From offering face-to-face connections to enabling people to destress, there are a number of reasons why golf can be such an effective networking tool to utilise in the world of work – for both men and women alike.


What's more, golf encourages friendly competition and can show people's true colours, allowing you to see your playing partners' personalities outside of the work environment and decide whether they are somebody you'd like to work with or not.


Consider speed networking


Simply gathering a number of people in a room together won't guarantee success. So, why not instead give everyone a push in the right direction by hosting a 'speed networking' activity?


In a similar way to speed dating, this professional 'date' setup will provide everyone with three to five minutes to introduce themselves and get to know what exactly everybody does.


That way, when everyone is left to mingle around and chat afterwards, you will know the best people to speak to about potentially investing in your business.


Choose a venue with a bit of 'wow' factor


The venue you choose to host a networking event in can make it or break it, so think carefully.


Whether it be at a pool party, a rooftop venue or a creative coworking space, the venue you choose can make a big difference to both the number of attendees you manage to get, but the likelihood of them wanting to find out more about your business.


In other words, the more impressed they are by what you can do through your networking event, the more likely they will be to come on board with your business.


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