Three security tips for growing businesses


As your business grows there are new security challenges that you need to think about, which may not have been one of your concerns when you were a smaller company. As you take on more employees and move to larger premises, it can be necessary to take your business security much more seriously.


Whether you are looking to grow your business from a startup into a fully-fledged operation, or you feel that your current measures are sufficient for the size that your business has grown to, there are many changes that you can make.


These are especially important since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force back in May 2018, as you will need to be taking steps not only to secure customer data, but also to ensure that staff are protected from having their information stolen. Here we take a look at three vital security tips that your growing business will benefit from implementing.


  1. Beef up online security

The days when a firewall and anti-virus software were enough to contain and eliminate cyberattacks are a thing of the past. With hackers growing in sophistication and the ease of access of hacking tools becoming greater, perhaps it is no surprise that more than half of British businesses have reported facing some kind of cyberattack in 2019. 


Of course, it is essential that you minimise the risk that this could happen to you – as well mitigating the potential damage and fallout if an attack does occur. Cybersecurity needs to be at the front of your thoughts as your business grows. It may even be best to take specialist advice on the kind of security measures that would benefit businesses in your industry.


  1. Take security measures in your carpark

You might not consider the risk of have a carpark that is easily accessible, but this can be a major security issue for a number of reasons. Firstly, if your carpark is open to anyone then you cannot check who is coming in and out. Those parked in your carpark could be conducting surveillance against your employees – or might even be waiting as a getaway driver in the event of an on-premises theft.


You need to take two steps. Firstly, ensure that your carpark has gated entry so that anyone who wishes to park there must enter a code or show credentials. Secondly, you should make it impossible for vehicles to access your carpark away from the road. This might involve utilising barriers so that vehicles cannot mount the curb and illegally access the carpark.


  1. Motion sensing lights

Sometimes it is the very simple things that can make a difference to your security. As your premises get larger, it can be expensive to install CCTV and have security patrols – so it can be ideal to have a cheaper alternative that effectively functions as a deterrent.


Motion sensing lights can do a fantastic job here. Often it is enough for criminals who find themselves illuminated to simply give up on your premises and move on, rather than to risk being seen.


Final Thoughts…


Security is vital to businesses of all sizes, but as your company grows you need to ensure you are taking the correct steps to make sure everyone is protected. Follow these tips and speak to independent security professionals for the best overall security practice.


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