Security Metal Detectors for Brighton Vaccination Centre


Insight Security is very proud to be supporting the Brighton COVID-19 vaccination centre at the Brighton Centre by supplying 8 x Garrett PD6500i walkthrough metal detector arches for security screening. Residents and health care staff have been receiving their immunisation injections since January 25th when the vaccination centre, the largest in Sussex, officially opened.


The Brighton Centre is one of around 90 mass vaccination centres across the UK which are part of the large network of around 1500 vaccination sites that include pharmacies, GP services and some hospital sites.




Security Metal Detectors - Help Keep People Safe

Anyone who has travelled through an airport or another transport hub will already be very familiar with metal detector arches. These easy-to-use security devices are also being more widely used in public buildings, colleges and other establishments and events, to bolster security and deter potential attackers.


Those supplied by Insight Security to the Brighton Centre are top of the range Garrett PD6500i walkthrough metal detector arches, sometimes called ‘knife arches’ as they are commonly used to prevent people from carrying weapons. These widely used and trusted security metal detectors are relied upon for rigorous security screening.




An important attribute of these Garrett security metal detector arches is their ability to quickly and thoroughly check and screen a high number of people in busy situations, making them ideal for the Brighton Centre. People are simply required to walk through the arch and the inbuilt sensors detect any metal objects they may be carrying.


The location of any detected metal items on a subject’s body is indicated to the operator, based on a grid of 33 zones in 3 vertical columns. Operators can quickly determine that someone may have a metallic object in their trousers, jacket pockets or possibly secreted in their socks. Security screening at the Brighton Centre is providing staff and attendees with confidence and safety.


End in Sight?

With over 120,000 coronavirus deaths across the UK everyone is keen to see an end to the pandemic and a return to some degree of normality. Prime minister Boris Johnson has set out the government’s road map to take the country out of the current lockdown, but it has been stressed that commercial and social reopenings will be slow and cautious. Easing of restrictions over the Christmas period resulted in soaring infection rates and hospitalisations which triggered the current lockdown and nobody wants to see a repeat of this.


Coronavirus case numbers are now falling and early indications are that the vaccination program is helping reduce the possibility of serious illness. But with the likelihood of further, more virulent coronavirus strains developing it’s essential that a slow, cautious approach is taken and that everyone who can be vaccinated gets their jabs. And we must all continue to take appropriate precautions - even after we’ve been inoculated


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