Net Zero – what does it mean for you?


Net Zero – what does it mean for you?


What is “Net Zero,” why you should be aware of it, how to define and run your Net Zero programme…


Definition of Net Zero


Net Zero is a programme run by organisations to achieve a balance between the greenhouse gas emissions produced in their value chains and the amount removed from the atmosphere. There are two routes to achieving Net Zero, which work in tandem: reducing existing emissions and actively removing greenhouse gases from the planet by other means.


Crucially this should include emissions incurred by your suppliers and their suppliers engaged in producing products and services for you.




Why do it?


There are multiple reasons why you might want to engage in a Net Zero programme. And if you are what the Government defines as a “large” company (of which there are about 11,000 in the UK), you will have to run one of the similar programmes, SECR.


These reasons include

-          Environmental

-          Reduction of commercial risk

-          Maintaining the appeal of your organisation to existing or prospective new investors

-          Public relations: your audiences and stakeholders may expect it of your organisation

-          Competitors may be gaining an edge over you if they are and you aren’t engaging with Net Zero

-          Customer expectations

MCL could help you to build a business case (as well as environmental and social case) for Net Zero for your organisation.


Where it can get complicated


“Scope 3 emissions” that need to be included in your data are the result of activities from assets not owned or controlled by your organisation but that indirectly impact your value chain. Sources include emissions both upstream and downstream of your organization's activities.






For some, the most difficult aspect of this could be analysing and reducing the emissions incurred in their supply chains. If you have more than a few suppliers, you may need to map the supply chain, agree bespoke objectives for each one and offer Incentives for them to comply with your requests for information and action.


How MCL could help


You may already have most or all of the answers to the various questions that are posed in a Net Zero programme. Or your supply chain may be so small that you can achieve the necessary auditing using simple means.


If not, with our partners we could help you to plan and deliver part or all of your Net Zero programme. And we have software called ClearChain that takes the complication and significant cost out of setting benchmarks and managing the auditing needed to evaluate your progress towards Net Zero. See


For Chamber of Commerce members MCL is happy to offer and initial no-commitment conversation about Net Zero and also a 25% reduction in the internal licensing cost of its software, ClearChain.


To speak to MCL about some or all of your Net Zero programme or to take up the special offer to Members, contact Andrew Lambert on 01444 892093 or

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