Mid Sussex District Council gives A23 a makeover


Mid Sussex District Council has removed 24 tonnes of litter and detritus from the A23 central reservation during a six-night clean-up.




The Council’s street cleansing partner (Serco) worked with Highways England and their contractors (A-One+) to remove rubbish from the length of the A23 central reservation, which runs through Mid Sussex from Pease Pottage to the Brighton border.  This was made possible by taking advantage of planned lane closures for vegetation clearance.

Serco’s street cleansing team worked from 8pm to 4am each night covering a huge six kilometres of road per night.


Over six nights the team removed a whopping 24 tonnes of litter and detritus from the central reservation. This included a staggering 1,478 black sacks of litter and other materials such as wood, tyres and discarded metal objects.


Councillor John Belsey, Cabinet Member for Environment and Service Delivery said:

“Mid Sussex District Council is pleased to have been able to make the most of this opportunity to remove the litter and waste along the middle of the A23 that spoils the impression of our beautiful district.   This is a very busy road and it is not possible to undertake cleansing works on the live carriageway without lane closures.


“The Council urges motorists who throw litter out of their car windows, or fail to secure their loads, to think about the massive effort and expense that is required to clean up. Even with lane closures in place, the hazards associated with clearing a busy road like the A23 are very high and put workers lives at risk. Everyone has a responsibility to dispose of their litter properly to help to protect the environment.”


For more information, or to report littering or fly-tipping please visit the waste and recycling section of the Mid Sussex District Council  website at  

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