Marcus Rashford & Personal Influence


The tension is palpable – two teams have battled relentlessly for nearly 90 minutes of exhausting effort – both sides desperate for the win with the score locked at 2 – 2.




Marcus Rashford picks up the ball deep into his own half and slaloms effortlessly past lunges and tackles but is knocked over by a flailing leg and momentarily loses the ball. Picking himself up twenty metres from the goal with one glorious movement, he arrows his kick towards the top right-hand corner and sees the ball nestling in the back of the net. 3 -2 and the game is over!


The powerful striker has influenced the outcome of the match.


There is only one Marcus Rashford – he is a ‘scarce’ resource and through his personal influence he is changing the lives of many families.


The recipe for influence is:

  • You are unique with the capacity to influence
  • You as a resource need to make yourself valued and important in other people’s eyes
  • Your resource cannot be easily substituted or replaced – there is only one of you


Perhaps there are times when you discount yourself …. lack faith and belief in who you are, have doubts whether you are good enough…intelligent enough….. skilled enough…..clever enough……attractive enough and so on….


You can easily forget you are liked, loved, and admired for a thousand little things that make you who you are.


Celebrate these and make it a resource that can be influential with others.


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