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Introducing CoirNutri: A revolutionary growth substrate for your plants


Introducing CoirNutri: A revolutionary growth substrate for your plants



CoirProducts of Salike is excited to introduce CoirNutri®, a first-of-its-kind peat-free coir compost. Crafted with de-composted coir and enriched with NPK, this game-changing compost is designed to revolutionise plant growth both indoors and out.


Unlike other types of coir potting mixes, Coir Nutri functions as a compost, having gone through natural microbial activity and decomposition. With this latest addition, UK’s largest coir portfolio,, a grower’s choice, continues to bring never-before-seen coir product varieties to growers and gardeners across the UK. The launch of Coir Nutri also means that, for the first time, garden centres, plant centres, DYI shops, and others, have the opportunity to offer their customers de-composted coir-based compost enriched with NPK in 50L bags. 


Powered by natural coir: Coir Nutri is made using de-composted coir, a renewable resource derived from coconut husks. Unlike peat-based substrates that deplete precious ecosystems, coir is abundant and eco-friendly. Coir has high water-holding capacity, excellent air porosity, and facilities drainage. By choosing Coir Nutri, you're opting for a product that supports sustainable agriculture and reduces your carbon footprint.


Compost functionality: What sets Coir Nutri apart is its dual functionality. Not only does it serve as a growth substrate, but it also functions as a compost. Through natural microbial activity and decomposition, Coir Nutri transforms into a nutrient-rich soil amendment, further enhancing plant health and vitality.


Enriched with NPK: We understand that plants need more than just water and sunlight to thrive. That's why we've enriched Coir Nutri with essential nutrients—nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (NPK). These vital elements provide your plants with the balanced diet they need for robust growth, vibrant foliage, and bountiful blooms.


Carbon neutral: At CoirProducts, we're committed to environmental stewardship. That's why Coir Nutri is proudly carbon neutral. By harnessing the power of natural coir, we've created a product that not only benefits your plants but also minimises harm to the environment.


Perfect for indoor and outdoor plants: Whether you're nurturing a thriving indoor jungle or cultivating a flourishing garden, Coir Nutri by Salike ® is the perfect companion for your plants. Its versatile nature makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, from potted houseplants to outdoor flower beds and vegetable gardens.


Crafted with innovation: Innovation lies at the heart of Coir Nutri. Our team of experts has combined age-old traditions with cutting-edge technology to develop a product that meets the needs of modern gardeners. With Coir Nutri, you can trust that you're investing in quality and performance.


Unlock the potential of your plants: With Coir Nutri, you're not just growing plants - you're unlocking their full potential. Experience the difference that our premium growth substrate can make in your garden or indoor space. From seedlings to mature plants, Coir Nutri provides the support they need to thrive.


Join the growing community of Coir Nutri enthusiasts and together let's cultivate a greener and healthier planet—one plant at a time. If you are a trade customer, garden centre, and would like to stock our CoirNutri by Salike® 50L coir compost, get in touch with our Business Development team on