How the British tourism sector can bounce back from COVID-19


There is no industry that has not faced challenges as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic - but it certainly has to be said that tourism must be one that has come off worst. Aside from weeks of lockdown which effectively stopped all tourism industry businesses from operating, the pandemic has also caused a lower footfall at attractions and all of the businesses that operate in the tourist trade. 


While tourism businesses have a right to feel hard done by, this is a global situation that no one could have predicted. The only thing that can be done in the face of business challenges and hardship is to find a way to bounce back. Here we take a look at what the British tourism sector needs to do in order to recover from COVID-19. 


Focus on getting information out


If the British tourism industry is struggling, some of it comes down to a lack of information - or at least that this information is not being disseminated properly. The fact is that the COVID-19 pandemic has created a lot of confusion and misunderstanding surrounding British tourist attractions and whether they can currently be visited. 


There must be a concerted effort from the tourist sector to get out the vital information that is required. Which attractions are open? And have their opening hours changed? And what sorts of social distancing measures have been put in place. 


Of course, this means taking to social media - but there is an argument that attractions need to be doing a lot more to reassure potential visitors and help them make supporting the tourism industry much easier.


The importance of good transport options


Of course, one of the most important aspects of rejuvenating the British tourism sector in the wake of COVID-19 comes in ensuring that the right infrastructure is in place. For example, it is still the case that many people across the country don’t even realise that internal flights are still possible - and that public transport systems are functioning as normal. 


And it’s not just the standard transport options that are going to important in supporting British tourism - it is up to the sector to investigate other options. For example, you might not be aware that maritime transport actually plays a significant role in the movement of goods and passengers within the leisure industry.


Final thoughts


It will be a long road for the tourist sector - as it will be for the whole of the economy as there is a slow and steady recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. It is up to business across the sector not only to show customers how and when they can use their services and offerings - but also to reimagine their services for a new range of customers.

It is only through working together with other tourist businesses that the industry as a whole can recover.


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