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Effective Communication Skills


Effective communication is key to creating good relationships with customers. Once you have mastered how to communicate in a manner that will be accepted you are set for life.

If you want to improve your communication skills, here are our top 5 tips for you to follow.

Listen Carefully - “Listen with the Intent to understand not the intent to reply” Stephen Covey
This is by far the hardest one to do. We all struggle when it comes to listening. However, it is always a way to be seen as polite so pay attention, be patient with them and do not interrupt. Take a mental note of a few things they have said so once they have finished speaking you can go back with questions, queries or an answer that links to what they have said before.

Body Language

You know the saying ‘actions speak louder than words’ it's true your body language can say a thousand words even before you have spoken. 

‘7-38-55’ - 7 percent of meaning is communicated through spoken word, 38 percent through tone of voice, and 55 percent through body language.

Use open body gestures, move your hands around - when a person sees your hands they instantly feel trusting to you, maintain eye contact when someone is talking to you, stand straight and smile to stimulate positive feelings.
Educate yourself about different non-verbal communication signals as they aren't the same in different countries, cultures and societies. 

Read and Write
To improve your verbal communication, read and write as much as you can. This will help boost your vocabulary and improve your writing skills. 

Ask Questions - “Questions are the Answers” Allan Pease
When you are speaking to someone, asking questions not only helps clarify things but it also shows you are interested in what they are saying. Showing an interest in key as it allows your client or customer to really feel that you want the best for them. 

Remember Important Information - “Critical Non-Essentials” Paddi Lund
Learning about your clients is very important. It not only shows you care but when you speak to them/see them you can ask questions around that information. Sending birthday cards, work anniversaries out to them is again a small gesture but shows great communication skills in you remembering about them, making your clients feel special and wanting to come back to you.

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