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Eco-friendly sowing with CoirCoins


Eco-friendly sowing with CoirCoins


Growing your own produce is an ideal way to enjoy fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables. At the same time, it is also beneficial for the environment, helping to reduce carbon emissions, fostering better connections with nature, being beneficial for wildlife, providing nutrition for your soil, and reducing the use of harmful chemicals. With such a multitude of benefits of growing your own, as growers and gardeners plan ahead of the upcoming growing season, sustainable ways of gardening, including the sustainable nature of the products that are used, has become a top priority.


At, our sustainable CoirCoins are unique in the market, and perfect for the eco-conscious grower for sowing a variety of plants and crops. CoirCoins are made by compressing coir into pellets. Cior is a natural and organic material, made with the natural fibres extracted from the husk of the coconut. Therefore, it is completely free of the more harmful peat-moss. The extraction of peat is causing harmful impacts on the environment and biodiversity, with the UK government taking steps to ban the use of peat in horticulture.


Coir Coins


What makes our CoirCoins distinct is that the cover that holds the coir together is completely biodegradable, made of polymer from corn starch. While there are similar products that can be used for sowing, in the market, some of them come with a non-biodegradable cover.


Our CoirCoins are also known for their high germination rates, with increased chances of seeds establishing, within the right conditions.  The high-quality of our CoirCoins complete with its fully biodegradable nature, makes the product unique and ideal for sustainable gardening and growing. We have been manufacturing and supplying our 100% natural and biodegradable CoirCoins for decades, bringing with us a wealth of experience. CoirCoins also come in four distinct sizes, in 25mm, 32mm, 38mm, and 42mm. We also have a special Sow with Coir bundle that contains 200 CoirCoins (with 50 of each of the four sizes), which is ideal for those sowing a big batch of seeds this season.


Not only are CoirCoins made out of natural coir, but there are a range of benefits of using them, both for plants and the environment. As roots grow through the coir, there is no transplanting shock, if plants need to be placed on the ground later on. The root system is thus kept intact and is not disturbed during the transplanting process, which is hugely important for plants. Furthermore, once the CoirCoins are on the ground, it degrades, with the natural elements of coir enriching the soil over time. In addition, coir also retains water and has excellent air porosity and drainage. These characteristics help plants access the oxygen they need to grow, while also preventing plants from being over-watered or flooded. CoirCoins can also be used in any space, while they are also great for those just starting out to garden, which means, you can still grow and enjoy your own produce whatever space you’ve got.