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Continuous service improvement, at Factory, it’s our culture!


As an MSP, continuous service improvement for us is paramount, we consider and apply this throughout our entire operation.
We want to ensure our clients get a great, all round pleasant experience engaging with us here, we want to be viewed as an extension to your team and our service value to be apparent, visible and measurable.
We believe that with great service and maintaining positive relationships with our customers and network, will in turn lead to greater client retention and account growth. Factory may then continue to grow, delivering high value service and provide employment opportunity locally.
As such service improvement for us is applied throughout, our team structure, recruitment, how we approach and engage with prospects, client communication, and just as importantly, supplier relationships.



Recommendations around technologies and service are a huge part of our value and just one of many reasons companies look to outsource.

Our teams are immersed daily in a variety of platforms differing in size, structure and purpose, along with our own lab work, research, and commitment to ongoing learning, we are well placed to act as advisors on new and emerging technologies.

Being vendor neutral we’re a company you can trust to put your use-case and business objectives first.

We recognise and reward great work! If our engineers spot something that enhances the value we provide to our customers or spot a tricky anomaly within a customer platform, write some great code, or just do terrific work, we will be sure to recognise this and ensure we reward them!


It’s our role to ensure the platforms we manage have maximum availability and that we can react in good time to any emerging anomalies. Our customer systems have proactive daily checks with human eyes on top of the work our monitoring agents do.

We’re a bit fanatical here about monitoring and alerting, its one of the things that differentiates us, we use a multitude of tools here to make sure the team are alerted, and can react promptly to any inconsistencies which may lead to an incident.

As a more recent service improvement, paramount in the MSP space and a great differentiator for us and incredibly exciting as it really delivers so much value from many perspectives. We’re an Elastic partner with loads of experience now racked up in the Observability space (and more) but keeping to the management piece, we can also deploy agents to provide an observability viewpoint which builds tenfold upon our visibility, data ingestion and how prompt we can spot and respond to incidents through analytics.


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