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Classic cars: How to Experience the Thrill of a Vintage Motor


Classic cars: How to Experience the Thrill of a Vintage Motor


The automotive industry is moving towards a green future with electric vehicles set to become the norm. German research suggests that by 2025, I in 4 new cars in Europe will be fully electric.


But for petrolheads, the roaring of internal combustion engines cannot be beaten. Fortunately there are still ways to enjoy the thrill of a vintage motor, so if you’ve got a yearning for some speed the old-fashioned way, check these driving options out.



Track days




If you enjoy driving, there’s a good chance that you like to do it at speed. To unleash your inner Jackie Stewart or James Hunt, a visit to a track day can make you feel just like a vintage F1 driver.


Track days offer racing fans the opportunity to get behind the wheel of some of their favourite cars, which they may otherwise never be able to do. Vintage cars are rare, especially those in working order, so a track day with cars like the Ford Escort, Jaguar E-Type or even a Mini Cooper can scratch your racing itch.


Driving experiences


Similar to a track day, vintage car driving experiences allow you to sit behind the wheel of a classic motor. Rather than tearing around a track, you may be taking a vintage car out onto the road to really feel what it was like to own one of these cars.


Drivers must hark back to that era when you had to properly drive these cars to get the best out of them, rather than relying on ABS and steering support. Other vintage driving experiences include rally days, truck driving, movie vehicles and even cars old enough to be in a museum.


Restore one


If you are mechanically minded, one of the best ways to drive a vintage motor is to own one. Fully working and restored vintage cars can be expensive to prise from the grip of a collector but others in need of restoration are available to buy for more affordable prices. Restoring a classic car might take some time but it can become a project for you to work on, perhaps as a father and son, or with your friends.


You may rather someone else restore your vintage car to give you the peace of mind that the parts are authentic and reliable. Once your vintage car is fully restored, you can drive it as much or as little as you like. You may even wish to make it available to other vintage car enthusiasts so they can share your enjoyment.


Car shows


Car shows are one of the best places for enthusiasts to gather and show off their restoration projects and collections. These shows are commonly filled with enthusiasts who are always happy to chat with people about their cars. If you get talking, they may even turn the engine over for you and give you a seat behind the wheel.