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Better incentives: The rewards your staff really want


Better incentives: The rewards your staff really want


Valuing your employees, and showing recognition of their hard work, instils a sense of pride within your team and can work wonders in increasing productivity, morale and staff retention. It’s no wonder then that employee reward programmes have increased in popularity as more businesses realise the potential they have in motivating employees. But to really set your business apart as a place of work that people want to be a part of, you need to choose your incentives carefully — here are some suggestions to inspire your in-house rewards programme. 


Field trips

A good day out can go a long way when it comes to incentivising employees. Why not offer to pay for a spa day at a local country club or reward the top-performing employee for the month with tickets to a football match? You can mix up the venue or experience each time and it will give staff the chance to work towards a particular day out once a month, or once per quarter. 



Additional time off

Staff will always welcome time off to explore their own interests or spend time with family and friends, and an extra week off over the summer or Christmas period that doesn’t encroach on their annual leave allowance can be a truly wonderful gesture that employees will appreciate. In fact, according to a survey by CIPHR, extra holiday was preferred to unlimited paid leave, with 32% choosing additional holiday over 18% for unlimited leave. 


Prepaid cards

A popular monetary reward for staff is a prepaid gift card that makes it easy for the recipient to redeem their reward. It’s a guilt-free perk, as they’re the perfect excuse for staff to treat themselves whereas cash rewards may go towards bills or monthly expenses. It’s also an easy reward for companies to provide with minimal hassle. 


Staff party

Whether it’s celebrating a company-wide target being met, the end of a particularly busy month or a milestone for the business, a staff party is a gesture that’s always well received. It gives people the chance to feel valued and let their hair down, as well as some time away from their desks to chat with colleagues and enjoy some food. 


Paid training

Paid development opportunities, from online training to books and courses, are a great way for staff to build their skills or learn something new that they’ve been interested in for a while. It’s a win-win for employers too, as you’ll be investing in your team and helping them to develop new skills that they can use within the business. 



From Netflix and Headspace to Spotify, there are subscriptions for virtually everything you can think of. As an employee reward, it can be tailored to suit your budget and the interests of your staff, so offers plenty of scope to think outside the box and make it personal. 


When attempting to improve morale and workplace culture, don’t overlook the value of benefits and perks that both present a welcome treat to staff and indicate how appreciated they are.