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Adopt a beehive scheme helps create a buzz about town


Adopt a beehive scheme helps create a buzz about town


West Sussex habitats are at risk of deterioration due to lack of local pollinators, but South Coast based SW Honey Farms has come up with a clever scheme to get local businesses on board to keep the buzz of local honeybees thriving along the West Sussex coast.


“Honeybees help preserve the ecological balance and biodiversity in nature,” says beekeeper Stuart Weekes, from SW Honey Farms. “The number of bees in a local area is a good indication of the state of the environment, so we should all be concerned that numbers in West Sussex are currently falling”, Stuart continues.


Stuart’s solution to the problem is to create as many beehives as possible in his apiaries and, to fund this endeavour, he has asked local businesses to adopt a beehive.



One such local business is Littlehampton based SafeSite Facilities, which came to Stuart’s attention when he was looking for a local supplier of weatherproof security fencing to protect and camouflage the hives. Following conversations, SafeSite could see that the ‘adopt a beehive’ was a great way to play a role in supporting these essential pollinators.


“We take our green credentials and responsibility to the environment very seriously, so we’re always keen to support any local initiatives that progress sustainability. On hearing about the ‘adopt a beehive’ scheme, our founder Michael Knibbs was very keen to join up”, says Kasia Luffman, Marketing Manager at SafeSite Facilities.


By adopting a beehive, local businesses are not only supporting Stuart’s vital goal to increase the number of pollinators in the local area, but also helping to raise the profile of beekeeping in general. This is important as there are roles that the public can also play in helping, by making better use of the outdoor space they have available to support bees.  


“We’d love to encourage more companies to adopt a beehive, but individuals can do their own bit too. Raising awareness of the plight of honeybees is important, and individuals can start with something as simple as planting bee-friendly plants”, adds Stuart.


The contribution of companies like SafeSite Facilities has enabled Stuart to support a large number of colonies this year, which will in turn create local honey and beeswax for local residents to enjoy this season, in addition to keeping the habitat well pollinated and blooming.  


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