A Great Way for our Company to celebrate Christmas


One of the challenges that we face as an Industry is that our role is to ensure that the audio and visual systems we are commissioned to design and install should remain as out of sight as possible, most of the time.


What sticks out like sore thumbs are poor quality wiring and imperfect quality audio or visual equipment!


Most of the time our solutions are not noticed and whilst the client is fully aware of what we have done for them, their colleagues and visitors are generally unaware of what we have done because once the job is finished it all goes very smoothly, even if during the installation, there are a range of challenges to overcome.


However occasionally we get a job that will have a huge impact on people and although most of them may not know who did the job, they can at least benefit from our good work.


We were approached at the end of September by an audio consultant who we have worked with in the past. He had been commissioned by a Church up in Croydon to resolve its poor quality audio system in time for Christmas and he was wondering if we could do the job.




To be fair, it is not unusual for some clients to present us with jobs that need doing by Christmas - most years that is the case with one or two Churches. However, the big challenge in the case of Croydon Minster was to get a meaningful part of the work completed by Christmas because the BBC One Television Channel wanted to use the building for their annual Midnight Mass event.


Thankfully we finished the job a couple of weeks ago and the consultant sent us over a message a couple of days ago stating “The system at The Minster is stunningly good. Everybody there is so pleased with what Ben has achieved. Phase 2 is to follow in the New Year.”


So we will enjoy Christmas this year, able to watch the Mass confident that whilst the system will be relatively discrete visually, that it will ensure that all the people who attend will hear the sounds of all of the service!

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