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3 steps to improving the success of your business


The Sussex Collaborative is a group of 8 professionals who are accomplished across all aspects of running a business, so if you are looking to grow the performance of your business, we would welcome the opportunity to share our experiences with you and your team.  


How many times have you been advised to work on your business, not just in it? 

  • Great advice in theory – Definitely
  • Realistic in practice – Not so much!

Due to the time pressures of balancing the day to day delivery and operations of running a business, its hard to find the time we know. But all is not lost, these are 3 simple actions you can take during the day to day, which will improve the success of your business:


1. “Get out of the building”

Do you actively encourage constructive feedback and objections about your products & services, whether when talking to clients, people who chose not to buy from you or suppliers, in person or virtually?


Challenging embedded assumptions and validating your proposition through external feedback, is a sure way to drive innovation and improve the customer experience.  People generally are happy to have a chat, sharing their knowledge and helping to find solutions to business challenges.    


Tip: Use these conversations to:

  • Test out product ideas and check the potential demand and profile of prospective customers.
  • Find learn what competitors are doing better than you.
  • Discuss you current challenges with people in different sectors and with alternative backgrounds, as you’ll no doubt pick up solutions.
  • Build a wider network of individuals you trust and can call on as and when you need support.


2. Know your unknowns

Keeping track of your unknowns & “what if” scenarios, is an important part of business planning, as is having a plan to solve them!


Tools like Slack or Tello are easy ways to record and track these actions and a great discipline for focusing your time on what will make a material difference to your success. 


Tip: Ranking by priority and setting deadlines, will help shape your efforts and flag the need for additional support/resources and ensure nothing is missed. 


3. Keep shouting about why you are unique

You know you have a great business, but do your potential customers?


Challenge yourself to truly find your edge and be proud to shout about what makes you stand out, from others in the same space on a regular basis.


In a competitive market sharing how you solve your customers problems and add value for them, is more than a job for the marketing team, it should be embedded into the way all members of the team communicate with your current or prospective clients and suppliers.   This will be critical for holding your own in the market and will bring focus to shaping the longer term business plan for growth and Marketing activity.


TIP: Ask clients for testimonials and offer rewards for recommendations and referrals to reinforce your message.


These ae just 3 tips of many we use to support business owners and leaders looking to grow the success of their companies. Visit The Sussex Collaborative for more tips, advice, information about us and details of our services. 


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