3 Career Change Tips During The Pandemic


Are you actively planning your next career move for 2021? Perhaps you are leaving school and contemplating alternatives to university, or you’re unhappy in your current job and looking for a career change. Maybe you’ve recently been made redundant during the pandemic and are having to rethink your options.


The good news is that now could be the perfect time to embark on a new career. Job change searches on Google saw an exponential rise through last year, and some sources claim 70% of people are considering working in a different sector as a result of COVID-19. It seems like coronavirus’ economic fallout has not only permanently changed the way we work, but also could be a golden opportunity to do something different. Here are three career paths that look particularly promising:




Traditional trades


They say that people will always need plumbers, and it’s true. The same goes for electricians, carpenters, bricklayers, and roofers etc. Tradespeople have been working flat out throughout the pandemic including lockdown, and some have experienced the highest ever demand for their services. In terms of earning, electricians still lead the pack.


A trade does not require a university degree, while apprenticeships and on-the-job training means you’re earning as you’re learning. The practical skills you acquire are portable wherever you go and will last you a lifetime. And if you want to become your own boss, a trade is a solid foundation upon which to build not just a career, but also your own business. It is a fact that small businesses present some of the most lucrative opportunities for those who can combine professional skills and commercial acumen.




Online training & coaching


If you’re in the teaching, training or coaching business, last year will have been interesting to say the least. COVID-19 induced social distancing and lockdown measures effectively eliminated face-to-face client contact from April 2020 onwards, meaning your business survival has largely depended on your ability to take yourself online. If you are new to the industry, setting up a digital presence may actually be an easier way to deliver content, and without all the usual overheads. 


From fitness professionals to mental health counsellors, private tutors, life coaches and business mentors who take the pandemic in their stride, one central theme emerges: Zoom and similar platforms offer untold opportunities to interact with clients and students safely. Simultaneously, these platforms create new business formats that optimised for the way we live now, and in the future. 




Ecommerce & Retail


As online shopping accelerated through last year, companies onboarded thousands of workers to facilitate retail and delivery. According to HR News, hiring for ecommerce roles grew by 143% in 2020 compared to 2019, comprising physical supply chain jobs in warehouses and fulfilment hubs as well as digital customer service and support roles.


Add to that the requirement of associated specialist skills in areas such as web design & build, IT security, social media and digital marketing, and it becomes clear that the future of ecommerce offers long-term career prospects for those ready to set up their own online shop and their web savvy team.



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