UK Certificates of Origin

What is a UK Certificate of Origin?

A UK Certificate of Origin is an essential export document which provides clear evidence of the country or countries of origin of the goods being shipped. It can be required for different reasons such as customs clearance in the buyer’s country or payment via a Letter of Credit. So, it’s vitally important that you submit the correct documentation.

Download example Certificate of Origin, here.



Where can I get a UK Certificate of Origin?

UK Certificates of Origin can be applied for through our secure online service. You can register on for your UK Certificate of Origin, selecting Sussex Chamber of Commerce as your Chamber.   Once registered, you will have the option of requesting either:


  • An ‘express’ application.  This is a recommended and most efficient option.   The Certificate is electronically Certified by us, you can then print the original in colour in your office.


  • A ‘standard’ application which is printed & manually certified by us and posted back to you.


The Certificate of Origin would usually just be Certified by the Sussex Chamber.   However, if exporting to Egypt you may also need the Certificate to be Legalised by the Embassy.  


Please note you will need to a complete a Formal Undertaking and Signature List for your company which will need to be updated annually



When and why do I need a Certificate of Origin?

Not every country has a Certificate of Origin requirement but for those that do, one will be required to get your goods cleared through overseas customs and to your customer.  Even when you are dealing with a country that does not require them, they may be necessary for you to get paid if you are dealing with a Letter of Credit.


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