Import Declarations

An import declaration is an official document in which you specify details about the goods you are importing. If you are a UK based company and want to bring goods into the UK, you must complete and submit an electronic import declaration.


When goods cross the UK border there are two things that need to happen:


  • HMRC and Border Force need to be sure that the goods can be permitted to enter the UK (Prohibitions or Restrictions)
  • Duty and VAT must be paid if applicable. (The Customs Debt)


The information required to file a Customs Declaration for you usually comes from a combination of the commercial invoice, packing list and a set of instructions that you will provide.


Your instructions will provide all the information we need to satisfy any prohibition and restrictions requirements (e.g., certificates or licences). They will also include all the commercial information for us to calculate your Duty and VAT (e.g., value of the goods, insurance, transport costs, royalties, etc.)  to ensure you are HMRC compliant.


Before the goods leave the seller’s premises

  • Transport arrangements and transfer of ownership of the goods is agreed between seller and buyer
  • All documentation must state that ChamberCustoms will be the clearing agent
  • You instruct ChamberCustoms to prepare an Import Declaration
  • ChamberCustoms issues pre-lodgement advice and tax calculation


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