Export Declaration

What is an Export declaration?


An Export declaration is a form submitted at the port, providing details about the goods being exported. The export declaration is required every time goods are exported outside of the UK. This document is used by the customs authority at the ports to control exports.

The information required to file a Customs Declaration for you usually comes from a combination of the commercial invoice, packing list and a set of instructions that you will provide.

Your instructions will provide all the information we need to satisfy any prohibition and restrictions requirements (e.g., certificates or licences) to ensure you are HMRC compliant.


Before the goods leave your premises

  • You instruct ChamberCustoms to prepare an Export Declarations, we will then send you:
  • An Export Accompanying Document (EAD) showing the barcode with the Movement Reference Number (MRN) that your haulier will need.
  • A copy of the C88 if you require it
  • You can now instruct your haulier to collect the goods