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Trading businesses must now also be prepared with customs declarations and
additional paperwork. For the full PDF click here.



Now we have left the EU it is vital all businesses comply with the new rules for any import and export of goods outside of the UK and ensure customs declarations are in place.   Check how it has changed for your business by following this link.


With the new rule change we are asking businesses “Do you Import and/or Export goods to the EU or rest of the world?” if the answer is yes, we are here to help you complete your customs declarations!  We offer a HMRC compliant service you can trust.  This service offers traders a high level of compliance with HMRC procedures and offers a direct link for customs clearance through all sea, air and road ports and terminals in the UK.


Once you have signed up to Sussex Chamber Customs you will receive a welcome pack which will explain the basics of our service, how to prepare for import/export formalities, together with a checklist and examples to ease you through the process and take out as much complication as we can.


Paid services we offer:

  • Export declarations
  • Import declarations
  • T1 Transit documents


At ChamberCustoms we now offer two ways for you to complete your customs entries by either Fast Track Customs Clearance (EXABLER) or Fully Assisted Customs Clearance


Fast Track Customs Clearance (EXABLER) where you stay in control.

  • We will help you with port clearance of your Customs Declarations and Transit documents.


  • We will give you direct access to our system through our Exabler portal.


  • All you need to do is upload a spreadsheet of commodity codes and associated data for fast entry and clearance.


  • Exabler is real time and gives customers all the info they need for HMRC to ensure they are being compliant and are covered.


Fully Assisted Customs Clearance where we do it all for you.

  • Once you have provided us with your commercial invoice, packing list and any other supporting documents, we will file your customs declarations on your behalf directly into HMRC. 


  • We’ll confirm back once your goods have been cleared at the port.



Please email ‘’ to register your interest.

Within our main ChamberCustoms hub we also offer an Advisory Service at an additional charge.


For more information visit ChamberCustoms, here