Arab- British Certificate of Origin

What is an Arab-British Certificate of origin?


If you are exporting goods to countries that are in the Arab League States, you may be asked to provide an Arab-British Certificate of Origin. Similar to the UK Certificate of Origin, an Arab-British Certificate of Origin is a customs clearance document that is required in some countries in order to evidence the origin of the goods being exported. The only authorising body that can officiate this document is the Arab-British Chamber of Commerce which is based in London. However, Sussex Chamber can facilitate the application process with the Arab-British Chamber on your behalf.



Where can I get an Arab-British Certificate of Origin?


To register for an Arab Certificate of Origin visit our secure online service selecting Sussex Chamber of Commerce as your Chamber. Depending on your customers’ requirements, the Arab Chamber and Embassy regulations you could either have:


  • An Arab Cert of Origin Certified by the Arab Chamber, along with your signed commercial invoice. you can apply for an ‘express’ or ‘standard’ application on eCert.




  • An Arab Cert of Origin Certified by the Arab Chamber & Legalised by the Embassy along with your signed Commercial Invoice. You would need to apply for a ‘Standard’ application on eCert as the Embassies don’t accept ‘express’ application.


Sussex Chamber can also arrange for ‘Other’ documents, such as Agency Agreements and Price List to be legalised by an Embassy, Consulate, Notary or the Foreign Office. This will save your company a lot of time.


Please note you will need to complete a Formal Undertaking and Signature List for your Company which will need to be updated annually.


For further information please email the Team on