Newsjacking the Benefits: Swift Action in PR Pitching


Newsjacking the Benefits: Swift Action in PR Pitching




Newsjacking is the practice of capitalising on timely news or events and offers a powerful PR opportunity for businesses seeking to generate media coverage and increase brand visibility.


In these instances, in PR, the window of opportunity can often be small, making swift action essential. Timing is a crucial aspect of PR and the ability to identify the right moment to pitch a story and capture media attention can make all the difference in securing valuable national press coverage. A recent example is of a client who acted fast resulting in their case study being featured on BBC SouthEast earlier this week on the back of a story that broke on Thursday evening on the BBC News Website.


The benefits of newsjacking are varied from building your online reputation, drawing attention to your brand, increasing social reach, adding variety to your online content, and keeping your brand involved in current conversations.


Timing of pitches plays a critical role in securing media coverage and achieving powerful results. The latest success story underscores the significant impact that swift action and strategic timing can have in the realm of PR.


Tips for effective Newsjacking

  1. 1. Stay informed: Keeping an ear to the ground and staying updated on relevant news and media opportunities is crucial in identifying the right timing for pitching stories.
  2. Research and strategy: Research which journalists are writing what can help your business uncover opportunities that align closely with your objectives.
  3. Act swiftly: Timing is of the essence. Once an opportunity is identified, it's essential to act swiftly to maximise the chances of success.
  4. Build relationships: Strong relationships with the media play a vital role in success. Cultivating and nurturing these relationships can open doors to new opportunities.


It’s all about seizing the moment and pitching with precision when it comes to breaking news stories. The recent national broadcast coverage for a client with BBC SouthEast highlights the power of effective PR and the importance of timing. By capitalising on the perfect moment, together with the client we were able to offer a case study that spoke to the audience of the lived experience of a topical issue.   


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