Effective Negotiation - June

Whether you have to negotiate with clients, customers, suppliers or colleagues, this programme will help you to refine your communication skills and define negotiating strategies that will make you more effective.

It provides a framework for negotiation and examines specific techniques that will help lead to win-win agreements, as well as looking at how to deal with negotiating gambits that might be used on you. It is inherently interactive and you will have opportunities to test and hone your negotiation skills in a practical way.

The course is ideal for anyone whose role requires a degree of negotiation, whether that be for simple transactional agreements or for more complex and drawn out discussions.


To develop individuals’ understanding of what makes negotiation successful, and to advance specific skills that will lead to more effective interactions.


• To understand what challenges are faced when negotiating

• To learn about specific approaches to negotiation and when to use them

• To understand the importance of planning prior to an interaction and how to avoid being railroaded

• To learn about specific techniques that will help to move the other side to your position

• To learn how to counteract gambits that may be used on you

• To learn about the science of persuasion – what makes us ‘want’ to comply with others

• To understand the power of Principled Negotiations and the importance of understanding motivations

• To provide a framework for a productive conversation

• To learn how to run a structured negotiation process


• What does successful negotiation look like?

• Practical Negotiation

• Positional Bargaining

• Positional Negotiation

• Bartering Techniques

• Dealing with gambits

• The Science of Persuasion – 6 Principles

• Principled Negotiations

• Building Trust

• Effective Conversations

• Action Planning

09:30 AM - 16:30 PM
The King's Church
The King's Centre 33-35 Victoria Road Burgess Hill RH15 9LR GB

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