Confident & Effective Communication Skills - Virtual Training (Session 2 of 2)

Part Two – ‘AssertivenessInfluencing others behaviour’

Undoubtedly covid-19 is having an impact on all our lives – with reportedly a third of the country starting to use video calls for the first time.  So how does this change the way we need to communicate and behave in these unusual times?


Because we are now not working face to face and relying on virtual technology it’s even more important to be clear, concise and cooperative in our communication to reduce misunderstandings and confusion and build commitment.


We need to be flexible so that we can adapt our style to each audience whether through a camera, or via audio.


Course Aim

Our online Confident & Effective Communication Skills course is not just about a series of tricks and techniques but a fundamental ethos about how you respect both yourself and others, and work to achieve solutions that are long lasting and mutually beneficial to everyone.  This two-part course is practical and interactive with pre-course reading sent out before each stage.


Course Objectives

At the end of Part Two you will be able to:

  • Cope calmly with opposing views and steer discussions towards win: win
  • Say ‘no’ when it is appropriate
  • Get commitment from others to follow through on tasks



  • Five ways to get to win: win
  • One - Decide your limits – what do you really want?
  • Two - Understand what others need
  • Three – Get agreement from others to your needs
  • Four - Get creative in finding a solution – ‘what if?’
  • Five - Say No – to ensure no lose: lose
  • Action plans


Pre course reading will be emailed in advance of Part Two

09:30 AM - 11:30 AM

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