Small Business with massive ambitions

We work closely with businesses of all sizes, understanding the pressures and ambitions of smaller SME organisations.


You’d be surprised how much your business has in common with others, find out how you can benefit from joining us.



Meet the right people

It is about what you know, but who you know can come in pretty handy.  Our networking events will put you in touch with the right people over a calendar of different events, from business breakfasts to lunch ‘n’ learns, and leadership dinners, to help you develop and grow your business.



Stay in the loop

Although we’re deeply rooted locally, the Chambers is a national entity with a national influence.  We take our understanding of what’s important to local businesses like yours to the national forum, so you can use our influence and start seeing the changes you want to see.



Get your name out there

Our bespoke marketing services are tailored to the individual needs of your business.  This involves sound advice on creating a presence in the world of commerce and future-proofing, your business for the coming years.



Not a small business?

Choose your business size to find out how you can benefit from joining us? 




Get together with your local Chamber.


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