Sussex Chamber of Commerce is pleased to work closely with various apprenticeship providers who deliver subsidised Apprenticeship training courses for businesses of all shapes and sizes. 


Apprenticeships benefit businesses by providing structured training programmes which meet specific workplace needs, and which are subsidised by the government for the majority of apprentices. They combine on-the-job learning with off-the-job development of skills and knowledge. Apprentices benefit by gaining real-world experience while earning a wage and using these new skills to provide them with recognised qualifications. This creates a win-win situation for both parties.


Apprenticeships can be taken by anyone aged 16 and above. There is no fixed time frame for the completion of an apprenticeship (although apprenticeships for most people last between 12 - 18 months).


Apprenticeships are becoming increasingly popular with those leaving school or college, and provide a real alternative to university. Changes to the way apprenticeships are recognised mean that achieving a level 3 programme will accrue points needed to secure a university place in the future.


There are several options for study with the apprenticeship providers in Sussex. 


The Sussex Chamber is very proud to have supported various apprentices, many of which are still working at the Chamber.  




Read about our most recent apprenticeship success story here.



Financial Support for Apprenticeships 


Financial support is being provided to help employers in England hire new apprentices in a move designed to boost employment following the coronavirus outbreak through the National Apprenticeship Service. Find out more here.