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Construction Industry Forum

To ensure that the construction sector thrives in the regional area, Sussex Chamber of Commerce has a construction forum to help companies to create more opportunities and to connect with other businesses. 

Developed for businesses in the construction and property sector, businesses can engage with the forum and related events so that they can showcase their businesses and highlight supply chain opportunities.

The aims of the forum are to:

  • Bring together construction industry organisations whose expertise, experience and interest in construction matters (as operators or users of services) will develop opportunities across the region
  • Create a network of organisations that can work together to accelerate growth of the construction industry locally
  • Meet quarterly to debate and discuss the current construction issues in the region
  • Raise awareness around legislative changes and challenges faced by the construction industry
  • Improve skills and increase employment across Sussex Region
  • Collaboratively plan and deliver networking events to create opportunities for businesses in the sector
  • Enable the sector to have a collective voice on local, regional and national issues through the Chamber
  • Allow the Chamber to make informed and useful commentary on those issues which we feel are in our members’ interests


For further information contact the Chamber on 01444 259 259 or email us.

Current Steering Group Members:

Steve Lester – WT Partnership

John Newson – Novi Projects

Doug Taylor-Johnson – Sunninghill

Nicola Thomas – ARCH-angels Architects

Alison Watson – Sussex Chamber of Commerce


If you are interested in getting involved, any expressions of interest should be sent to