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  • As a Chamber member, you can send us up to two news stories per month and we'll blog it in our latest news section. Click here to see our news blog guidelines.
  • All Chamber members can offer fellow members an exclusive Chamber offer on our 'Member to Member Offers' page. These offers then unlock opportunities for promotion in our Business Edge magazine, on our social media platforms and at our Maximise Your Membership events. Log in now to add an offer today!
  • Recieve a welcome post on social media when you become a member
  • On our social media platforms, we will endeavour to follow what our members get up to and like and comment where we can.
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Business Edge Magazine 

The Business Edge magazine is the ideal way to reach key decision-makers in Sussex. The publication is an essential read for businesses in the area, from major multinationals to sole traders; there is no more highly targted platform for you to promote your products and services.


Click here to see the latest version of Business Edge 



Hard copy: 10,000

Digital views per issue: between 15,000 - 20,000


Free Editorial

All of our members have the opportunity to appear in the Business Edge magazine.

New members will have a 'Welcome announcement', members who have a 'Member to Member' offer may be featured and Silver level members and above are guaranteed an editorial spot.


For more information, please contact Jess at:  


Chamber TV


Sussex Chamber of Commerce proudly presents Chamber TV. A dedicated channel for Chamber members to promote their business. This membership benefit is exclusive to Gold, Premier and Patron members. 





Social media marketing is a vital step to increase the awareness of your business. In order to set up an effective social media marketing strategy, a basic understanding of the relationship between business and social media is needed.


Top 10 Social Media Tips for Small Businesses:


  • Decide on which social media platforms are most effective for your business.  If  you don’t have a lot of time to give to social media then do not try to spread yourself too thin over the platforms!


  • Discover the best times to promote your business on each social platform. The type of business you are will affect the time that your customers are most active online and therefore most likely to notice your content. Articles from websites like ‘Sprout Social’ provide updated information on this.


  • Use relevant hashtags. Check to see how much the hashtag you are about to use is in use. If it is trending, send that tweet out quickly to maximise your impressions!


  • Interact with your followers. The more supportive you are of your followers, the more likely that they are to support you in return which will lead to greater overall statistics.


  • Look into Twitter hours. This aspect of marketing could introduce your services to the local community.


  • Make sure you always include photos or videos in the content that you produce. This can enhance your engagement.


  • Don’t be afraid of injecting a little personality into your content. This will help you stand out.


  • Read up on UTMs. Once you have this extra tag added to your URLs, it will help you track & figure out what is working and what isn’t with your audience.


  • Make sure your posts are short and concise. Give your audience a taste of what you have to offer and then signpost them back to your website for more information.


  • Don’t just post to constantly sell your product. Look to inform, engage and entertain too.



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