Gatwick Airport Ltd

Gatwick’s Airport is the UK’s second largest airport. It serves more than 230 destinations in 74 countries for 46 million passengers a year on short and long-haul point-to-point services. Gatwick is also a major economic driver and generates around 85,000 jobs nationally, with 24,000 of these located on the airport. The airport is south of Central London with excellent public transport links, including the Gatwick Express, and is part of the Oyster contactless payment network.

Analysis by Oxford Economics shows that Gatwick contributes around £5.3 billion - or 0.3% of the UK’s GDP - by providing jobs directly on the airport campus, supporting large supply chain networks, and global connections that provide access to suppliers and consumer markets, and encourage inward investment and higher levels of trade and tourism.


Beyond Gatwick’s economic impact, the value that international tourists arriving at the airport generate for the UK economy is estimated at an additional £6.1 billion for UK GDP and some 131,000 jobs.

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