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I'm James Morris a freelance architectural & interior photographer based in Haywards Heath, with advanced technical ability to create powerful architectural imagery that can showcase the most demanding of architectural projects and bold interior design. In the photography world we say the work is what counts, therefore to see my portfolio and the photographic work I have created please visit my website to see what I can do. 


Fundamentally why I work as an architectrual photograher is because I believe that architecture provides the foundation to our lives and the communities we live in, I beleive that these living spaces should have net positive impacts on our society and give us all the opportunity to live our best lives possible.


Therefore as an architectural photographer I use my technical and creative vision to digitise the built environment and compress three dimensional spaces into two dimensional images that are easy to share online and can be incredibly useful for architects, interior designers and anyone working within the built enviroment to document and promote their work.


On a more personal level, while buildings last a long time once they are are built they are constantly changing or being 'redeveloped' into something completely different I therefore believe architecutral photography can be used as a vital tool to document our cities and urban enviroemnt for the wider world to see in the here and now, but also to preserve our world as it is for future generations. 


General enquires to or 01444 441 656

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Photographs help to communicate quickly and more effectively; photographs can help us to contextualise information as well as to evoke strong emotional reactions. As an architectural photographer I help companies to communicate their case studies and past projects to customers and stakeholders. If you need a physical space to be professionally photographed, get in touch quoting 'SussexChamber' to get 10% off your first photoshoot! To get a sense of my architecture photography visit 01444 441 656
Bronze Member23 Woodvale Lane, Haywards Heath, West Sussex, RH16 3UQ01444 441 656

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