ABGI is one of the world’s leading tax incentive and innovation management advisors. With a 30+ year heritage and 200 experts & advisers we manage over £1bn of tax incentives, grants and subsidies annually for some of the world's best-known brands.

Our aim is to help clients accelerate and fund their innovation and development.

Our success is due to us delivering excellence in service. It’s the reason why companies such as Hermes, General Electric and Fiat choose to work with us. Our clients tell us that they have great trust in us, we make their lives easier, and that they also enjoy working with us. I certainly also feel the same way about working with ABGI!

In short, you can rely on us. We specialise in delivering an impressive array of innovation funding excellence;

● R&D Tax Credits
Depth of knowledge in every business sector, HMRC guideline expertise, we produce clarity from complexity

● Grant Funding
We tap into a huge range of grants and subsidies - we assess your eligibility, we write your application, you receive the money 

● International Tax Optimisation
Assessing tax incentives holistically across borders to optimise your tax efficiency, in compliance with all regulations

● R&D Advances
HMRC delays can be avoided through short term funding, advances given based on estimated claim value

● Patent Box
We identify revenue, costs and profits associated with your IP, you gain a tax break

● Capital Allowances
Tax relief is significant on commercial property assets, but is the most complex of all UK tax legislation – our multi-disciplinary team of lawyers, tax accountants and surveyors ensure you comply, and maximise your tax position
● Risk Assurance
Audit your previous R&D tax claims, provide solutions, highlight risk

● Enquiry Defence
If you’ve submitted claims yourselves or through different providers and are challenged/audited by HMRC, our Enquiry Defence team take over responsibility and negotiate on your behalf

● R&D Allowances
Identifying eligible capital expenditure, gaining you tax immediate tax relief rather than spread over years

● Enabling Technologies ● Video Games Tax Relief ● Innovation Consulting

There is no cost to exploring your options. So, give me a call and see what we can do for you.

☎ 07534 418544

Member 2 Member Offer

Is your business currently investigating ways of combatting the Coronavirus to meet the short-term healthcare needs? This includes producing, or looking to switch production to produce ventilators, personal protective equipment, hand sanitisers and cheaper/faster testing kits for Coronavirus. Here at ABGI we are keen to support you in this battle against COVID19 by offering a free project review to identify if the work qualifies for R&D tax relief and, if so, then a completely free claim preparation and submission on behalf of the company, to help you shoulder the extra costs of production transition. This includes: – Consultancy on incentives available to make the switch or ramp up production – A project review to identify if the company’s activity plan actually qualifies for R&D tax relief – Building and submitting the R&D tax relief claim itself. All free of charge. If this applies to you, or you know someone this will be of interest to, please get in touch ASAP with Chris Barker on +44 7534 418 544, by email:, or visit our website for more details:
Gold Member46 New Broad Street, London, EC2M 1JH

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