Export Documentation

All UK exporters will at some point need export documentation. The accredited Chamber is licensed to certify and arrange legalization of export documentation. We will also assist exporters throughout the process of completing the documentation; from choosing the right documentation to ensuring it is correctly filled in. Export documentation is required to comply with import regulations in the country of arrival, evidence the country of manufacture of the goods and ensure payment under a Letter of Credit.


We can help you with:

  • Certificates of Origin
  • Certificates of Conformity
  • Electronic Export documentation
  • Certification, Legalisation & Notarisation of Export Documentation
  • EUR1 & ATR customs authentication
  • Letter of Credit processing service
  • ATA Carnet



The British Chambers of Commerce and the Sussex Chamber have been working with both Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) and the Department of International Trade (DIT) regarding the transition.  The current EUR1's and EC Certificates of Origin has been replaced by the UK-EUR1 and the UK Certificate of Origin from the 1 January 2021.


UK Certificate of Origin

From the 1 January 2021 the UK accredited Chamber of Commerce network will only issue United Kingdom (UK) Certificates of Origin.  We will no longer be able to stamp European Community Certificates of origin after 31 December 2020.   Please note: any documents submitted in December that we are not able to process 31 December will have to be resubmitted as UK Certificates of Origin.  If you are not already doing so, we strongly recommend you use to apply for your Certificates as this system will be updated from the 1 January. 




The UK-EUR1 will be used where the UK has signed a new trade agreement with another country.  A list of these agreements can be found here.  It can also only be completed for goods of UK preferential origin, not for products of EC origin. Exporters must ensure their goods qualify for preferential treatment under the new agreement by checking the appropriate Rules of Origin for their goods. Please check the HMRC website on a regular basis for updated customs notices relating to UK-EUR1's etc. 


We will no longer be able to stamp European Community EUR1’s after 31 December 2020.   Please note:  any documents submitted in December which were not processed by 31st December will have to be resubmitted as UK-EUR1’s.  If not doing so already, we strongly recommend that you use to apply for your EUR1’s as this system will be updated from the 1st January 2021.  



ATR's will not be used after the 31 December 2020. If a trade deal is agreed with Turkey, then we would expect UK-EUR1’s to be used to declare origin and gain preferences. 

Please note:  any ATR’s submitted in December which were not processed by 31st December will have to be resubmitted as UK EUR1’s (if a deal is agreed and your goods are of preferential origin). 


The completion of the new UK Certificate of Origin and UK-EUR1’s forms should remain very similar, with the exception of the country of origin box on the Certificate of Origin, which can no longer state European Community/Union, but will just state the countries of origin, with United Kingdom first.  The eCert system will be changed to reflect this and any other changes.   We will aim to send best practice examples of the UK-EUR1 and UK Certificate of Origin in due course.


For more details please contact us on T: +44 (0) 1444 259 259 or email us at







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