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Our Role

At the Sussex Chamber of Commerce, we realise that now more than ever our role in supporting and leading businesses to grow is of vital importance. To inform and drive the growth of Sussex businesses, we are pleased to offer the following events in order for you to grow your business connections.

Business Leaders Conference
This Conference will bring you face to face with exceptional business minded people this country has to offer. There will be an array of fascinating topics and plenty of networking opportunities with CEO’s, MD’s and decision makers.

Business Networking Events
We deliver a variety of networking events for members and non-members across the county. These include:

  • Business Networking Breakfasts and Lunches
    These events are delivered to help your business grow. By networking with a range of businesses, you will gain new business contacts and potential leads as well as taking advice away from our speaker(s).
  • Connect with Sussex Chamber (Non-Members only)
    An opportunity to meet with a representative from the Chamber. Find out what we do and what benefits come from membership of the Chamber.
  • Grow Your Connections
    Designed for you to make new business contacts through facilitated networking with fellow members, non-members and Chamber staff.
  • Maximise Your Membership
    Ensure you are getting the most from your membership by attending this event and learning about the benefits provided by our affinity partners and other services provided by the Chamber.
  • Better Business for All
    A programme which brings together businesses and regulators – to consider and change how local regulation is delivered and received. It involves the creation of groups in specific areas that then shape the way support is provided to businesses by local regulators.

Speed Networking Events

  • With Local Chambers
  • With Neighbouring County Chambers

These events bring together companies from all sectors enabling them to explore new business opportunities and provide many new contacts using an innovative format.


To ensure the construction sector continues to thrive in the regional area, this quarterly Forum provides opportunities for all organisations trading in the construction and property sectors to showcase their business whilst providing opportunities for potential trade and connections with other organisations.

This Forum is attended by members and non-members alike creating a network of organisations that can work together to accelerate growth of the construction industry both locally and nationally, improving skills and employment opportunities across Sussex and beyond.

Food & Beverage
This Forum focuses on bringing together organisations who share the same expertise and interest in the food and beverage industry across the regional area.

International Trade
Supporting and assisting businesses to grow in international markets is of vital importance. In order to help drive the growth of regional businesses internationally, we offer a range of services to support your international business journey.

We provide expert advice and signpost any business wishing to grow internationally as well as raising awareness and encouraging more businesses to consider exporting by giving education and information on the international markets and culture.

The manufacturing industry continues to develop throughout the UK, giving a need for help and support for businesses in that sector. This quarterly Forum invites all organisations within the manufacturing industry to build connections with other organisations opening new opportunities and potential trade.

Policy and External Affairs
As part of one of the UK’s largest Chambers of Commerce, Sussex Chamber has a voice to influence Local and National Policies that affect your business. Raise concerns and influence Government on policy decisions ensuring the interests of businesses are represented.

Premier Events
Being a Premier Member of Sussex Chamber opens up invaluable opportunities from privileged invitations.

Some of the benefits our Premier Members receive are:

• Free places at our Annual Gala Dinner
• Invitation to the British Chambers of Commerce Annual Conference
• Roundtable discussions
• Personal introduction service to member businesses

Social Events
A variety of social events are offered to our members throughout the year such as:

• Golf
• Show Jumping
• Polo
• Tennis

To view our full events calendar please visit