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Take the Fraud Defence Test and protect yourself

With fraud set to become the most prevalent type of crime in England and Wales, we’re urging you to act now to protect yourself from falling victim to fraud and cyber crime. The Crime Survey of England and Wales, published tomorrow, is likely to indicate fraud and cyber crime now account for close to half of all crime, making you much more likely to be a victim of these crimes than any other. In July 2016, the crime survey indicated 3.8 million frauds and 2 million cyber crimes occurred in the 12 months to the end of March 2016. 

Cybercrime and fraud scale revealed in annual figures

There were an estimated 3.6 million cases of fraud and two million computer misuse offences in a year, according to an official survey. The Crime Survey for England and Wales included the offences for the first time in its annual report, which covered the year to September. Separate figures recorded by police showed an 8% rise in offences overall. The Office for National Statistics said crime recording improvements meant the police figures could not reveal trends.

Latest iMessage Hack Crashes iPhone within Minutes

iMessage is an application developed by Apple Inc. for facilitating instant message sending across iOS devices. It lets users send out text messages as well as audio messages, videos and pictures. It is also possible to personalize the messages sent via iMessage with a variety of animations using other Apple apps. This particular app is compatible with iOS, watchOS and macOS. Basically, it is a very widely used app by iPhone users. So when there is a bug in the app that is so severe that it can crash the phone easily, then users are bound to get concerned. According to reports, there is a nefarious text message that is being sent to iPhone users even on those phones that run on the latest iOS 10.

Forget Facebook, forget Snapchat: Teens are doing it themselves

Poor Facebook: The teens, they're not so into it. The world's largest social network was "big" and "made sense" circa 2004 or 2005, according to Monkey cofounder Isaiah Turner, but no longer. He and Ben Pasternak, 18 and 17 respectively, have launched a new social network — one they believe the teens will actually want.
Monkey is an iOS app for people who have friends, and then they have "internet friends." 

Minecraft link to net's biggest botnet

Malware which launched the net's largest ever cyber-attack last year had links to Minecraft servers, according to those investigating it. Security blogger Brian Krebs has spent months investigating the attack which knocked his blog offline.
He claims that the origins of the Mirai botnet can be traced back to rivalries in the Minecraft community. His claims are backed up by a security expert who provided net security for Minecraft servers.

Facebook bans known protest-tracking tool for law enforcement

Facebook has blocked Media Sonar from accessing its data, according to Motherboard, a month after Twitter cut off its access. The Canadian company is known for selling social-media-monitoring tools to law enforcement agencies, who mostly used them to track activists of color and keywords such as "BlackLivesMatter" in the past. A Facebook spokesperson told the publication that it also banned the company from accessing its API last year. In addition, Facebook-owned Instagram banned Media Sonar from its platform for violating its terms of service.

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