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Chamber Tax

What is Chamber Tax?

Members now have unlimited access to FOUR essential business services that are designed to support and protect your business. That’s the good news… the even better news is that they are FREE to Silver, Gold and Premier Members!

A new service available to members where you have unlimited access to a tax and VAT helpline in order to obtain free and professional advice. The number is 01455 852037 and the advice line is available during office hours.

What's Included?

Chamber Tax

  • Advice line – unlimited access* to experienced tax advisors
  • Advice line – unlimited access* to experienced VAT advisors
  • Available during office hours
  • Insurance – cover to deal with a full HMRC enquiry, aspect enquires, PAYE disputes and VAT disputes

To access the online portals, please click here and use your log in details.

Not sure what your log in details are? Call us on 01444 259 259 and we’ll resend them to you.

For more information visit or call 01455 852028