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Chamber Credit Insurance

Chamber Credit Insurance

How much do you really know about your customers and suppliers, maybe more importantly just how creditworthy are your new business targets?

In today’s tough conditions it’s nowhere as near as simple for companies to trade safely and securely. So that’s why you need solid precautionary measures like Chamber Credit Insurance to give you the reliable protection you need to grow your business.

How can Chamber Credit Insurance protect your business?

Chamber credit Insurance safeguards your business against the failure of a customer to pay their trade credit debits. This situation can arise as a result of your customer becoming insolvent, or because your customer fails to pay with the agreed credit period. These risks are referred to as ‘commercial risks’. As standard the protection covers goods or services sold and delivered – but policy can be tailored to cover many other risks such as work in progress and binding contracts.

Chamber Credit Insurance covers you nationally and internationally you’re protected against a range of ‘political risks; which may prevent a delay in payment. Examples include: war or civil war in your customer’s country, cancellation of the contract by the government in your customer’s country, or governmental regulations such a embargo or quotas that prevent the export or imports of goods.

Chamber exclusive benefits

  • 10 free credit limit indications valuing £250 so you can immediately see the creditworthiness of your new existing customers in both domestic and international markets

  • Free half an hour review of your Terms and Conditions by prestigious law firm Lester Aldridge

  • First 3 debt placements will be collected free of charge with our award winning Collections service

  • 10% no claims discount after the first year

Cut your business risks with the latest intelligence

With Chamber Credit Insurance you can be sure any potential risk is kept to a minimum, you will have access to an network of international risk offices gives Chamber Credit Insurance stronger local presence and intelligence offering than any other insurer. Armed with this knowledge, you can immediately see the creditworthiness of potential customers and quickly assess how you can move your potential trading relationship forwards.

This is a key factor in trading especially overseas and an essential tool in managing risk.

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