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Workshop Invitation: 20th April 2018
13 Apr

Workshop Invitation: 20th April 2018

It’s your water too: working together for a resilient future for water?

I'm writing to invite you to a stakeholder workshop where your feedback will help shape our approach to addressing some of the major challenges the South East is facing in the coming years.

We’re getting ready to submit our Business Plan for 2020-25 to Ofwat. This will determine the quality of water and wastewater services in the South East in the next five years and beyond. Our
It’s Your Water Too’ document explains our goals for the future and we want to carry on the conversations with customers and stakeholders to help turn these goals into specific actions.

There are a number of big challenges we face which need to be addressed in our future plans. Our customers rightly expect water and wastewater services to be resilient to both short-term shocks and long-term challenges such as population growth. They also expect these services to be affordable for all – including those struggling to pay. 

The purpose of this workshop will be to gather feedback on our proposed approach to addressing these challenges. The topics we will be discussing will include:

  • Affordability. Delivering a service that represents value for money whilst supporting those who are struggling to pay their bills.
  • Great customer service. Delivering a service that matches the experience customers get from some of the best companies in other sectors and provides extra help to those that need it.
  • Long-term resilience. Delivering water and wastewater services that are resilient to long-term challenges like population growth and climate change.
  • Innovation. Developing innovative new ways of working and co-creating and co-delivering with customers and stakeholders

The workshop will include presentations from senior personnel at Southern Water, followed by roundtable discussions. This workshop is for key stakeholders who have been involved in our Strategic Environment Panel and selected senior leaders from across the region and at national level. Southern Water attendees will include members of our Board, Executive Leadership Team, and Customer Challenge Group.

Note: you or someone in your team may also receive an invitation for a joint water resources consultation event we are running with a number of water companies in the South East. The event on 18 April is focused on water resources only and will provide an opportunity to discuss companies’ long-term plans to provide sustainable water supplies in the region. We very much hope your organisation can be represented at both. 

Register for our workshop using the link below:

The Arora Hotel
Southgate Avenue, Crawley, Sussex, RH10 6LW
20 April 2018