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When Sci-Fi Becomes Business Reality
11 Jan

When Sci-Fi Becomes Business Reality

Date: Thursday 18th January 2018
Time: 17.00 - 20.30
Location: Ricardo Centenary Innovation Centre, Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex BN43 5FG

An evening to explore who will be the technology winners and how can their powers be used for good?

Science fiction has consistently predicted future technologies and social phenomena. The boundaries separating fact and fiction are changing almost daily.

Imagine a train that can hurtle down a tunnel at the same speed as a commercial aeroplane, getting you from London to Edinburgh in less than an hour?

Or a world where you could point your smartphone at literally anything or anyone and it could quickly recognise and identify it?

These may sound like plot lines from a science-fiction film or novel, but these technologies are being developed now and it will not be long before they transform the way that we live.

Join us for an evening of knowledge and networking to learn about the emerging technologies that can help to solve some of the challenges faced by population growth, increasing urbanisation and dwindling resources.

The event is part of the University of Brighton's Green Growth Platform 
events programme, helping to grow the green economy across Sussex.

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Our experts will talk about the latest innovations in technology and how these will facilitate the transition to a sustainable economy.

The event will be chaired by Robin Brownsell, Director of Investor Relations at the
 South Down Project.



Nick Earle is the SVP of Worldwide Field Operations at Virgin Hyperloop One, the leading company in designing and building the first new mode of transportation since the aeroplane. Want to know what a Hyperloop is? Check out and prepare to be blown away.

Nick will tell us the story of how he became involved with the Hyperloop project, what is in store for the future, and how this technology will transform the movement of people and freight. With a trial already completed in Las Vegas and significant investment from
 Virgin, it is clear that this technology could be genuinely revolutionary.



 If Hyperloop could provide hyper fast, intercity transport, what will be the solution for quick, efficient and sustainable transport within our towns and cities? Enter BeemCar - driverless pods that are available on demand 24/7. BeemCar is a cross between a monorail and a ski lift, with pods  that move 5 metres above the street level.

Peter Lovering, Director at Beemcar, will explain how BeemCar could reduce congestion in urban areas by tempting drivers out of their cars, and the potential for the technology to be adopted on projects in Sussex.



There has been a lot of hype about crypto-currencies, but most would agree that blockchain is not just a technology,  It could be a revolutionary new way of transacting business without a central intermediary.

Electron, a startup based in London, believes that blockchain could transform the market for balancing the electricity grid and the opportunity is sizeable - it is a £1bn per annum market in the UK today, forecast to rise to around £5bn by 2030. Oenone Scott, Communications Manager at Electron, will be at our event to discuss a real-world application in the energy sector, giving an insight into how bitcoin, blockchain and crypto-currencies work.




Augmented reality — that technology that overlays virtual images and information onto the real world — has long seemed the stuff of science fiction. But the advancements being made in algorithms and computing capabilities has seen this technology fully establish itself in science fact.

Omaid Hiwaizi is the Global Head of Brand at
 Blippar, the world's first visual discovery app. Omaid will present the sustainability opportunities for AR, from supply chain management to reducing waste to providing virtual experts that reduce business travel costs.

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