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Video Marketing is Digital Catnip
09 Aug

Video Marketing is Digital Catnip

In the interconnected age video is the most powerful marketing messenger.

Time moves fast. It’s ten years this summer since the iPhone was launched. The changes smart phones have brought are so significant, it is at times difficult to remember the days before they were such an essential part of our lives. There has been an avalanche of innovations and changes since 2007: smartphones, apps, social media, tablets, instant messaging, Skype, interactive television... All have had a profound impact on how we communicate, both personally and commercially.

In this constantly shifting interconnected world one means of communication stands out from the crowd: video.

Film is the dominant messenger of the inter-connected age. According to YouTube, mobile video consumption grows by 100% every year and Cisco says video now accounts for 74% of all internet traffic. Of course all those Netflix movies and box-set downloads demand serious bandwidth, but the power of video isn’t just pure entertainment. Video is a very sharp marketing tool.

A recent article by the US business magazine Forbes revealed some significant statistics to suggest video may even be now the most important tool for modern marketing.

It seems video can be digital catnip, enticing us to digest things we would otherwise ignore, like marketing emails. Just adding a video to a marketing email can increase click through rates by 200-300%. Videos can help firm up possible purchases too – 64% of customers are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video about it. When it comes to certain types of film the impact can be even stronger – 90% of customers say product videos help them make purchasing decisions. There are a lot more stats where these came from and they all point to the same thing – a picture’s worth a thousand words but a film is worth a million.

However, like any tool, using it for the right job, keeping it sharp and using it skilfully is essential. Over the next few months StoryArc will give Sussex Chamber of Commerce members insights into the benefits of video and how to use it well.

For now, hopefully this has been an interesting read. Though just how powerful video is won’t be a surprise to you will it? Forbes says 87% of online marketers are currently using video content in their digital marketing strategies. You are counted in that 87% aren’t you? Aren’t you?

StoryArc is a Brighton based video production company that creates marketing films, client testimonials, CEO and senior staff statements, training videos, interviews, and product films. They also provide media training courses including how to produce simple video in-house for regular social media updates.

StoryArc offer a 25% discount on the first film created for all Sussex Chamber of Commerce members.

StoryArc are offering to visit all Gold members for a free initial creative consultation meeting to create videos for the Sussex Chamber of Commerce video channel as well as offering a 25% on the first film created.

This is a link to the Sussex Chamber of Commerce YouTube site and four films we recently made for Gold Member, Sussex Independent Financial Advisers…

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