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Top 10 handy tips to win more business
15 Feb

Top 10 handy tips to win more business

  1. Research your market

    Whether you’re a start- up or established business, it’s vital to keep on top of movements in your market. Check up on competitor’s videos, press articles and product reviews. At VR we are constantly looking at our competitors within the washroom services sector especially across Kent, London and Sussex. Make sure information is well organised and accessible and if you try new revenue streams, keep a close eye on changes in win rates to see how well things are working.
  2. Pick the right opportunities

    With limited time, money and resources, small businesses need to choose what will deliver maximum benefit in exchange for the commitment of time and resources. Making a considered value judgment means you’re more likely to do the ‘right’ things to help you boost your sales. Over the years it has been difficult for us as a washroom hygiene company to decide on what opportunities are worth doing in order to win new sanitary bin business.
  3. Build a sales team

    Build a team with a focus on clear targets, objectives and rewards. Start the year knowing exactly what you want to achieve and how you’re going to achieve it. Set clear objectives every month which the staff are rewarded upon delivering. Match that with a portfolio of products & solutions, & a clear understanding of the strategy behind the business, and your sales staff will maximise sales. We are lucky as a company our business development manager Phil Greene is a fantastic sales guy. We have learnt that it’s the commitment to the business and Phil’s passion for what we do that wins more washroom service business than anything else. We truly believe in what we do.
  4. Develop a strategy

    With the research done and your sales team sorted, a clear business strategy is needed. It could be one page that says where you are and how you’re going to get there. A basic roadmap can help you so you don’t veer too far from your plan, but you remain aware and adapt it as your journey changes, so you derive the benefits you’re hoping to achieve to increase your sales. Strategy is hugely important. We run our business to our plan everyday making goals and sticking with them.
  5. Sell more to existing customers

    Don’t forget your existing customers in the pursuit of new clients. There is sales potential among your existing customer base and it could be as simple as offering them a special deal so they buy more from you. Ensure customers feel valued and take the time to understand your client’s needs. If they’re leaning towards a product, but you realise that another product would be more suitable, they will be more likely to follow your recommendation, even if it’s more expensive. We believe in listening to our customers we don’t up sell to customers without there being a necessity. If their sanitary bin is constantly overflowing we would rather offer an increase in the sanitary bin service rather than constantly charging them for call outs for example. We have also swapped water management systems which can be expensive to P-Fresh urinal mats which do the same sort of job for a lot less. Customer relationship within the washroom industry is so important!
  6. Use the latest technology

    Sales reps need to be able to sell anywhere and everywhere, so smart phones and tablets are the first tools to arm them with to be in constant touch with prospects as well as the business. Free online tools, such as Skype and Google Hangouts, are also a great way to bring teams together without taking them away from their core selling job. This is such a handy hint. For ourselves we are a little behind with technology. However there are reasons for that. As a service company we believe that as much as technology has its place there is sometimes nothing like talking to a person and not just being a number on a screen. However we have looked into different technologies to enable to efficiency of our washroom service teams. What helps them out so that they can fully concentrate on what they do best. Servicing! Whether that’s servicing sanitary bins, air freshening units or nappy bins.
  7. Be easy to find on Google

    In modern business you have to be easy to find so you need to aim to be ranking in the top few search results. The difference between ranking 10th and 1st could be hundreds of extra visitors to your website a month. Visitors who arrive at sites having searched for specific terms are more likely to buy something. Focus on keyword selection, creating good content, on-site optimisation and back links. Target only keywords that people are searching for and create content that meets the intent and needs of those people. We are always updating our content. Sometimes that is not easy. There is as you can imagine only so much you can talk about in regards to sanitary bins, clinical waste and nappy waste. However we work hard to find content that may help others, being informative and letting our potential customers know us and have an insight in to what we are as a company.
  8. Boost your online sales

    Making sure your website is easy to navigate can help you turn visitors into sales and ensure repeat business. Customers won’t wade through faulty, bulky websites, you need to streamline site paths and check that every link works. Consider easy ways to get to the shopping cart and reliable product search functionality. It’s also vital to make sure customers can pay easily using mobile payment devices which offer a cost effective way to take card payments.
  9. Rethink your networks

    Small firms don’t put enough emphasis on revisiting partnerships and networks, which can then be used to stimulate customer demand. Partnering with other small businesses can help generate sales leads, market wares and win new business. Sharing leads and best practice are good ways to achieve these goals. Networking plays a vital role in our business. Phil our business development manager has amazing relationships with many fellow business owners. This has led to new business through knowing and trusting Phil. We believe in an honest approach to networking and just being there and real helps within washroom business immensely. We also go network throughout our geographical area, through Kent networking in Maidstone, Canterbury, Thanet and Medway then visiting exhibitions throughout Sussex like Brighton and Hastings.
  10. Shout the loudest

    The final step is to make some noise about whatever it is you’re selling. The best product in the world won’t sell well if the customer doesn’t hear or understand what’s in it for them. To have the right words for the sales pitch, marketing messages and literature, the key benefits of the product or service need to be honed in on. Before you can do this, you need to reach your target audience. This is so true. We can have a fancy website and talk the talk however what our potential customers need to know is that we do washroom services. If a business need a sanitary bin, nappy bin or urinal screens we are the guys. Or if they require sharps disposal or clinical waste pick ups or want an entrance mat in place they can ask us. We then offer them exceptional service at a competitive price and we don’t tie them into contracts. They are free to leave us whenever they want. However they rarely do!

    If we can help you out with your washroom services please do contact us today.