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Neva in the Spotlight
16 Mar

Neva in the Spotlight

The trend for companies to outsource some or all of their fleet responsibilities to leasing or fleet management partners continues unabated into 2017. Often their rationale varies dependent on size – small companies are unable to justified dedicated fleet resource while larger companies want to free up fleet time for strategising; but in other ways they want the same outcomes – improved cost control, greater efficiencies, less admin.

We all hear about the main fleet management protagonists, however, one sizeable player has opted to stay largely out of sight until recently.

Neva Consultants was formed in April 1992 by current Directors Graham Prince and Nick Collinson. When asked to describe themselves they say “traditional” focusing on establishing and growing close business relationships with their customers using market leading technology but always with Customer Service at the heart of their ethos. The business has grown year on year but until recently they have not shouted about their achievements.

However, as Graham Prince described “ with Neva approaching our 25th anniversary we thought it would be interesting to enter ourselves into some Awards and see what the outside world thought of us. “

Neva began by accepting the Regional Winner Award from the British Chamber of Commerce for the Innovation Product of the Year in 2015 for their Fleet Management System known as “C-Fleet”

This gave them the confidence to enter the Small Fleet Leasing Federation Awards in 2016 that was supported by 4 of the top 5 Leasing Companies in the UK and sponsored by two leading Manufacturers. Neva became double Award winners picking up the “Best Leasing Broker 1000-4000 Annual Vehicle Sales” ( sponsored by BMW/Mini ) and the “Best Leasing Broker Customer Service Award up to 4000 Annual Vehicle Sales”( sponsored by Hyundai ). These Awards were judged by Neva’s Industry peers including Leasing Companies as well as other Industry Leading Figures from Grant Thornton, BCA and The Miles Consultancy and were up against all Leasing Brokers throughout the UK. Internally there was surprise but noticeably within the Industry Neva Consultants is held in very high regard.

The reputation was further enhanced when they were shortlisted in the LeasePlan Ltd t/a Network Annual Awards for the “Leasing Broker of the Year for deliveries 250 – 1000 with Network only in 2016”. And subsequently won.

But they didn’t stop there and went on to be awarded the overall “LeasePlan t/a Network Franchisee of the Year 2016”

This award was judged not only on sales growth year on year, but on more prevalent factors including customer service feedback, quality of documentation, breadth of products supplied and overall standards adhered to as well as the politeness and efficiency demonstrated by our staff in dealing with LeasePlan on a day to day basis. "

Directors, Graham and Nick, now had the confidence to raise the Business profile and increase engagement with the Business Community about Neva Consultants with an ambitious objective for growth having realised that Neva had a strong grounding and ethos to attract new business.

Neva Consultants presently supplies and helps to manage 6000 vehicles but they would like this to grow to 7500 in 3 years’ time.

Medium and SME Companies as well as Individuals tend to be more flexible on choice and therefore have good opportunities for short and long term savings by using all of Neva Consultants’ products .on all ranges of cars and vans

Neva Consultants work very closely with the Directors of their customers advising whether the vehicles they require could be funded by the Company or Personally but in all cases these vehicles are maintained on one platform “C-Fleet” to ensure when they are driven on Company Business they are “fit for purpose”, legally insured and driving licence checks have been regularly maintained.

Their Award winning “C-Fleet Management System” is backed up by a convenient driver app that enables Companies to manage their “Duty of Care” responsibilities for all vehicles used for Company Business regardless of how they are funded or owned.

 When introduced to a new customer Neva always starts with the Company Car Policy that may require alteration to keep up with Regulation or even completely re-written. This Policy must be for all drivers regardless who funds the vehicle and even down to whether short term renting  of vehicles  rather than employees driving their own vehicles on Company Business if there is any risk whatsoever to the reputation of the Company. Neva takes Duty of Care and their customer’s reputations as if it were their own which brings good peace of mind for any business owner

In the fast moving environment in which vehicles now find themselves in trusting a supplier is vital due to the many factors to consider before entering into a new purchase/lease agreement such as Petrol/Diesel/Hybrid/full Electric/whole life costs/method of funding/rather than just what is the monthly payment. Companies then have to be sure that the supplier managing the fleet is focused on the In-Life Management of Costs, such as over mileage, driver management and fuel efficiency.

Graham and Nick state “we have big Fleet Management tools for small and medium sized fleets. We take a certain pride in being able to demonstrate how and why we can save our customers money and manage their Fleets so they are able to concentrate on their core business.”

Neva Consultants now have the Industry recognition with the recently achieved Awards to back up this statement and therefore the confidence that their growth plans can be met.